The 6 Month Max-OT Road Map

Designing a 6 Month “Plan of Attack” For Maximum Results

Week 12! This went by way too fast. What do you think? I’ll tell you what, blink your eyes and the world changes. This program is a good example of how quickly time passes and it underscores the necessity of maximizing every day and every workout because as a day passes it never returns. A missed workout is a missed opportunity to ignite muscle growth. And like I’ve said before, you can never make up a missed workout.

What I am going to do in this last lesson is design a 6 month Max-OT “Plan of Attack”. A Max-OT road map to follow for the next 6 months that I guarantee will pack more muscle on you during the next 6 months than you have been able to gain in 2 years.

This “Max-OT Road Map” will be broken down into 26 weeks. There will be multiple routines during this period to take advantage of various Max-OT techniques and principles. I will also include 6 phases in this program that you will help to motivate you to obtain goals you want to reach.

Building muscle is just as much mental as it is physical. You have to have the motivation to generate the intensity required to spark muscle growth. You can’t just go through the movements. You have to “link up” your mind to your muscles.

This “mind-muscle” link is something that is very difficult for many people to establish. I feel that mastering this ability is what separates those that excel from those that don’t.

I will give you tips to use both during and after your training to help you master this “mind-muscle” link throughout this Max-OT Road Map.

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