The 6 Month Max-OT Road Map

Knowing where you are at and where you want to be is essential. It provides a solid foundation to structure your daily, weekly, and monthly program.

If you train with no structure you’ll reap little benefit. This Max-OT 6 Month Road Map provides a precisely structured, step by step training program for the next 26 weeks. It eliminates all the guesswork out of what, when and how to strategically and correctly apply overload to ignite muscle growth.

I highly recommend taking some measurements. Take some photos. This will allow you to make side by side comparisons in 6 months. The results you will experience over these 26 weeks will completely change the way you look, feel and think. Each month, each week, and each workout build upon each other generating a progressive effect that works to produce results with every rep and every set. No more plateaus. No more stalled progress. The more you refine your ability to implement Max-OT the greater the results you will see.

I recommend that you read back over this entire course to refresh your understanding of the Max-OT principles and how and why they work. It’s important that you don’t stray from the program. Max-OT is a training program designed around the physiology of muscle growth where each element is specific to producing the desired effect.

Let’s get started.

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