Weeks 23 – 26

Thursdays: Shoulders and Triceps

The sets listed in the workout below do not include warm-up sets.

Shoulders Sets Reps *
Seated Dumbbell Press
(Palms facing in at bottom of the movement and rotated forward at the top.)
3 4 to 6
Military Barbell Press 2 4 to 6
Standing Side Lateral Dumbbell Raises 2 4 to 6
Lying Tricep Extensions 3 4 to 6
Cable Push-downs 2 4 to 6
One Arm Dumbbell Overhead Extensions 1 4 to 6

* Remember, the weight you use should be light enough to do four reps, but heavy enough so you can’t do more than 6 reps. Each set should be done to positive failure.

Max-OT Tip:
A technique that works exceptionally well when doing Dumbbell Side Laterals is a kind of “superset” at the end of each set. When completing a set of side laterals stand up straight with your shoulders back. With your elbows just slightly bent, raise each dumbbell directly out to the side about 45 degrees. Do this until failure.

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