Lower Testosterone – Higher Body fat

Lower Testosterone – Higher Body fat

The latest research on this topic is quite conclusive, testosterone concentrations, in males particularly, correlate with body composition. That means low testosterone levels are linked strongly to fat accumulation and vice-versa. However, not all testosterone is the...

FDA says Cheerios is a drug

That’s right. Apparently the FDA has taken issue with the marketing and package labeling on the cereal. The FDA didn’t like how General Mills conveyed research stats on Cheerios and its effect on cholesterol and heart disease. General Mills said the health...

Study confirms supplement scam we warned you about

Time and time again we have pointed out the numerous supplement scams that are out in the marketplace. And believe me, we only scratch the surface. There are far more worthless supplements out there than we have time or energy to spend on. One very ugly truth about...
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