The biggest scams in the supplement world no doubt center around weight loss. Let’s face it, when it come to losing weight and looking better just about everyone is a sucker – easy prey.

One of the newer scams that’s been infecting the industry for the last few years is a supplement called Acai Berry. Acai is a small berry grown in South America. As with all berries, it’s high in antioxidants and other vitamins. Now understand this, it’s high in these compounds on a percentage basis. In order to get a functional amount of these compounds you would have to eat and ungodly amount. Not practical. Anyway, that’s where the benefits of Acai berries stop.

Acai berry will not increase your metabolism, has no effect on blood sugar levels, does not reduce your appetite in any way, and does nothing for energy levels. You are simply not going to get any noticeable benefits from Acai berry supplements.

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Just recently the FTC started cracking down on the crooks hawking Acai berry supplements. It’s not a coincidence that the same companies promoting these types of scams are also the same companies that try to suck you in with free initial orders (just pay shipping) so they can hijack your credit card and charge it month after month while making it next to impossible to cancel. Classic tactic on just about all weight loss scams. This sleight of hand is also used in the bogus “male enhancement” category as well. Buyer beware.

If you see a supplement company hawking Acai berry, run for the hills. It’s scam. The company’s a scam. Don’t just avoid the supplement avoid the company as well.

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Another Weight Loss Supplement Scam – Acai Berry

by Paul Delia time to read: 1 min