We often hear the term “nutrient timing” or “anabolic window” which describes a time period following intense training where the consumption of certain nutrients will enhance the muscle recovery and regeneration process.

Let’s take a look at this window and the importance of getting crucial nutrients into your body during this period.

Why You Should Consume Protein and Carbs After Intense Exercise

We know from research that both protein synthesis and protein degradation are elevated after exercise which results in a net negative protein balance. This catabolic state will prevail for many hours unless actions are taken to shift the body into a predominantly anabolic state (1).

Nutrient intervention is required to make this metabolic shift with the ingestion of carbohydrate and protein soon after exercise. Glucose and amino acids derived from these macronutrients initiate a shift from catabolism to anabolism by raising blood insulin levels, lowering cortisol and other catabolic hormones, and increasing substrate availability (2).

The reason behind this is that muscle is highly insulin sensitive after exercise, and there are increased concentrations of glucose and amino acid transporters on the sarcolemma surrounding the muscle. This metabolic significance ensures rapid uptake of blood glucose and amino acids, increasing muscle glycogen storage and protein synthesis. Also, increasing insulin is crucial for limiting protein breakdown – catabolism.

Because insulin sensitivity declines with time after exercise as well as the number of glucose and amino acid transporters associated with the sarcolemma, the effectiveness of the nutrient intervention will also decrease (3). This is why it’s a priority to make the appropriate nutrients available around the exercise period which can increase the rate of protein synthesis and reduce protein degradation, thereby increasing protein accretion. (4).

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Research is clear that the magnitude of these responses will be significantly reduced if supplementation is delayed for several hours.

Practical Application

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Take advantage of this window of opportunity following an intense exercise session and take advantage of the science behind AST’s supplements. They are engineered to provide these key benefits for dramatic results.


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The Importance of Protein and Carbohydrate Timing After Intense Exercise

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