Intensity – Max-OT Training Rotation

This week I am going to discuss training intensity and how Max-OT works in synergy with your body’s own physiological mechanisms to enhance intensity output. I am also going to detail a different Max-OT workout and describe the mechanics of each exercise and how to do them the Max-OT way.

Intensity – What Does it Mean?

I will start off by saying intensity is what separates those that make modest gains over the years from the ones that make massive gains year in and year out.
Curl Bar Curls
Intensity! Understanding and being able to train with maximum intensity will literally force your muscles to grow. It leaves them no choice. They have to adapt. They have to grow.

What I find most prevalent is that most people do not train with maximum intensity. They think they do, but they really don’t. Not even close. This is important.

Intensity and overload is the Max-OT key to muscle growth

They go together. They depend on one another. When combined they exponentially enhance the important physiological triggers for muscle growth.

Intensity without overload is not sufficient to build appreciable muscle. And overload without intensity, not only limits muscle growth, but it increases the chance of an injury occurring. Injuries are not good and will certainly keep you from building any muscle. With Max-OT, the more intensely you train the less your chance of injury.

A major technique of Max-OT is the blending of intensity and overload to get the maximum growth stimulating effect from each and every rep. You must realize that intensity is not just a “hard” workout. Intensity is both mental and physical and the connection between the two. You have to hone your mental intensity to make it all happen. Max-OT is much more than just doing heavy weight for 4 to 6 reps. It’s doing the 4 to 6 reps with maximum mental and physical intensity.

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