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As I said earlier, very few people train with maximum intensity. And if you think you do, that can be a problem. If you’re comfortable with the intensity you train with then what’s going to motivate you to improve on it? Let me be the first to tell you, no matter how hard you train or how intense you think your training may be, you can always train harder with more intensity. Always!

If you’re an experienced lifter you know the difference between good and great workouts. You know when you have slacked and you know when everything thing goes perfectly. You know when you have trained as hard as you possibly can for that given workout. There is an unmistakable physical and mental feedback that occurs.

Think for a moment about some of your truly great workouts. You know the ones – where every lift you do feels light. Where nothing distracts you. The ones where you’re so focused mentally that nothing could break your concentration. The workouts where you can feel every fiber in your muscles engorged with blood. You’re muscles achieve that extra pump. You feel big. You feel strong. Everything is perfect. Every rep, every set.

This is synergistic intensity. Intensity that feeds on itself. It’s like perpetual motion. When you can harness this type of intensity continuously – the “mind-muscle” link – big things will happen. Your training will start to payoff with serious dividends in muscle growth.
Max-OT is designed, not only from a physiological advantageous standpoint, but also from a psychological one as well.
Max-OT combines the physical advantage of muscle overload with what I like to call the “time-sensitive” maximum intensity threshold. This mental and physical synergy produces a unique training environment that generates maximum intensity capabilities.

The very structure and physical mechanics of Max-OT are designed to capitalize on the physiological kinetics of muscle growth while creating optimum mental parameters for maximum intensity.

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