Max-OT and Cardio – Burning Fat As You Build Muscle

One of the most widely asked questions I get with detailing Max-OT is how to correctly incorporate cardiovascular exercises with Max-OT. I’m going to lay out the correct way to integrate Max-OT Cardio work with Max-OT Training so that you get the maximum fat burning effect from the cardio and still retain all the muscle-building impact generated by Max-OT weight training. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

I’m going to discuss Max-OT Cardio integration into Max-OT, but I will mainly detail the total requirements for burning fat. This involves more than just cardio. I will profile two approaches to achieving contest condition and show why the Max-OT approach is the most effective by far.

From reading many of your questions I get the feeling that many of you are putting too much emphasis on your cardio. Or should I say, doing way too much long duration low intensity cardio.

Most people structure their cardio training in a way that negatively impacts their muscle’s ability to grow. That’s not good and is certainly something you want to correct.

Cardio has three main benefits

  1. Expends energy by burning calories – in the form of stored body fat if done right!
  2. Enhances cardiovascular health
  3. Enhances endurance

The effect cardio exercises have on improving cardiovascular health is their most important function. However, most people who train view cardio work as a necessary evil to help burn body fat and achieve a lean appearance. In fact, almost all lifters only do cardio for that purpose and that purpose only. Well, like it or not, you’re doing your entire body good by incorporating a cardio routine with your training, but you need to understand the ramifications on muscle growth.

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