I’ll say it again, losing fat and building muscle is not difficult. It’s not rocket science. So why do so many people have such a hard time with it? The answer, misinformation. The same sources that have taught you to train wrong are also teaching the wrong way to lose fat while you are building muscle.

It’s very evident that only about 10 percent or less of the people who compete know what they are doing when it comes to shedding body fat without losing muscle. Go to any local bodybuilding show and you’ll see only a handful of the competitors display a physique that was prepared properly. And this is why they win.

This week I have mapped out a very good general guideline of the dos and don’ts of eliminating fat while keeping and building muscle in the process. Read this section several times and let it sink in. Look at the logic. There’s no Voodoo. There’s no magic. There are no tricks. Just a sound, effective, and unbeatable scientific approach that will work for everyone.

Make sure you understand the guidelines for Max-OT Cardio. Most people do their cardio wrong and have done so for years.

The main factors to consider when structuring your cardio are:

  1. Time you do your cardio
  2. The level of intensity in which you do your cardio
  3. Length of your cardio sessions

Each one of this variables plays a vital and important role in effectively burning body fat and not burning lean muscle tissue. Many of you are training hard and heavy for an hour and then jumping on a stair climber afterwards for another 45 minutes. That is a surefire way to slow muscle growth to crawl if not stop it completely. It’s like taking a step forward and 9/10 of a step backward.

A properly structured Max-OT training program gives you the best of everything. Max-OT forces your muscles to grow by applying the only stimulus that ignites muscle growth – overload. And now you have the tools and knowledge to integrate cardio in a manner that maximizes the fat burning process without negatively impacting muscle growth – Max-OT Cardio.

Following the Max-OT training program gives you a big, strong, and lean physique the intelligent way. With Max-OT nothing happens by accident. There is never any guess-work. No crossing your fingers and hoping you get results. Max-OT lays it all out in a sophisticated, effective, and efficient program that will allow you to pack lean muscle mass and strength faster than any other training program.

Train hard and heavy and I’ll see you next Saturday.

Paul Delia

AST Sports Science

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