Time Your Cardio

Max-OT Tip:
Your cardio exercises should be done approximately 8 to 12 hours before or after you weight train. Never do cardio immediately before or immediately after your Max-OT workout.

This means if you train in the morning you do your cardio at night. If you train at night then do your cardio in the morning. And to take it a step further, you should preferably do your cardio on your non weight training days.

And as I said earlier, the intensity of your cardio is a major factor in both the benefits from cardio (endurance, fat-loss, and vascular health) and the negatives of cardio (reduced muscle growth response). Timed correctly however, will allow you to maximize cardio’s effects without any negative impact on the muscle-building effects of Max-OT weight training

As the weeks go by Steve’s strength does not diminish. In fact, he’s getting stronger. One plus to this is that his motivation stays high and he stays focused. With his strength increasing he knows he’s building muscle.

Steve has structured his diet in the percentages of protein, carbohydrates, and fats as outlined for Max-OT. He has determined his maintenance level of calories and reduced them by 150 calories. Each week he assesses himself and adjusts his total calorie intake accordingly. If he doesn’t feel like he’s losing fat fast enough, he lowers his calories by another 150.

Max-OT Tip:
A balance between lowering your daily calories and increasing Max-OT Cardio frequency is an ideal approach. The beauty of Max-OT Cardio is that you elevate your resting metabolic rate. That means Max-OT Cardio raises your metabolism to where your body burns fat 24 hours a day and it does this without sacrificing muscle mass.

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