…continued – Steve

Weighted Pull-upsAs Steve’s contest nears things are working great. He has lost no strength and the fat is melting off. He’s getting lean and staying big and strong. He has lost about 1 to 1 1/2 pounds each week and it has been all fat. Even though he’s 15 pounds lighter he looks much bigger.

Steve follows the same diet protocol right up until 6 days before his contest. He does not “carb deplete”. He has dieted and trained correctly and carb depleting does not factor in. He does however, carb load the week leading up to the show. He also does not restrict his water intake and only cuts back slightly the night before the show.

This carefully structured approach to getting ripped for the contest has worked perfectly. Steve maintains virtually all of his muscle mass and loses enough body fat to come into the contest shredded.

I wanted to present these two different approaches to you so you could visualize the difference between them. Burning fat is not difficult. Erasing from your mind all the misinformation you have acquired is.

Look, most people do not know how to properly diet to lose fat and build muscle. It’s not necessarily their fault, it’s just that they have been taught wrong. Now you have been taught right.

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