Max-OT Exercises – Part 5

This week I will sum up the final two muscle groups and the Max-OT exercises used to most effectively train them. I will also touch on the psychology involved in training certain muscle groups and why, for most people, this needs to be addressed.

Forearms and Abs

These are the final two muscle groups to be detailed and they are two very important muscle groups that, along with calves, are the most neglected. I’m going to detail specific training routines to effectively target these muscles so you’ll feel and see results. I will explain the detriments of neglecting these muscles and why so many people do. I will show you how to design your training program where these two important muscle groups get trained with the same intensity and consistency as any other major muscle group.

Along with forearms and abs, calves are muscles neglected by many people who train.

Even competitive bodybuilders as a whole put little effort into training calves. Because of this, I will use calves as an example of these three muscle groups to illustrate the mistakes and their remedies in training these muscles.

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