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I want to clear a misunderstanding that most people have about abdominal training. No matter how many sit-ups, crunches, or leg lifts you do you will not be able to have a well-defined midsection until the fat in this area is reduced. And no matter how much you train your abs you will not reduce the fat in this area unless a proper nutrition diet is followed that will allow your body to burn the excess definition blurring body fat.

Max-OT Tip:
There is no such thing as “spot reducing” body fat. In other words, doing abdominal exercises does not burn fat specifically in the abdominal region. In order to lose fat in the mid section you must burn more calories than you consume on a daily basis. When you burn more calories than you consume your body derives these extra calories from stored body fat. When this happens you lose body fat.


Understanding What Abdominal Muscles Do

The abdominal muscles and how they function are generally misunderstood by even the most astute trainers. Your abdominal muscles connect the bottom of your ribcage to the top portion of your pubic bone. Contracting your abdominals shortens the distance between your sternum and your pelvis while rounding the lower back.

Many people are just not fully aware of the true function of the abdominal muscles. Your abdominal muscles do not bend you at the hip. Your abdominal muscles are responsible for the movement of your upper torso towards your pelvis a grand total of 30 to 35 degrees. That’s it.

Developing strong, well-defined abs is not difficult if you know how. Most people and trainers however, do not. Most abdominal exercises are about 30% efficient. Max-OT ab routine is closer to 100% efficient. Remember efficiency is a key part of Max-OT. The more efficient you can make an exercise the more effective it will be.

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