Max-OT Exercises and Modified Training Routines: Part 1

Week 6 already. Where does the time go? It seems like I just started this program last week. Congratulations to all of you who have dared to venture into the world of Max-OT and are now reaping the benefits. It’s a great feeling and a sense of certainty when know that every rep you do has a purpose. There is no reason to cross your fingers and train – not with Max-OT available. When you have a grasp of the basic physiological understanding of what causes a muscle to grow, then all you have to do is follow the plan through, feed your muscles, recuperate, and grow.

The fundamentals of Max-OT guarantee muscle growth as quickly as your body, your muscles will allow. Training the Max-OT way will provide you with maximum muscle growth potential.

You can train other ways and make gains in muscle mass, but there is no other training method that will produce muscle and strength gains to the extent of or as fast as Max-OT will. Why is this? Max-OT takes the very elements responsible for inducing a muscle to grow and extracts the maximum efficiency from these elements for accelerated muscle growth.

Max-OT Power Tip:
Any time you want to do an exercise or training routine outside of the Max-OT parameters you need to ask yourself this question: “Is what I am about to do the most efficient way to build muscle?” You don’t do a new exercise just to “do” a new exercise. Anytime you do an exercise you must make sure that exercise is the most effective exercise you can do. Otherwise, why would you do it?

This week I am going to detail the chest and bicep exercises most suitable for Max-OT training and the chest and bicep exercises that are not suitable. I am also going to detail 2 more Max-OT routines that will add flexibility to accommodate schedule and time constraints that many people face.

Not everyone has the time to train 5 days a week and you don’t have to. Max-OT parameters are designed to maximize muscle gains, but you can still benefit from Max-OT and the muscle-building power it produces even if you cannot follow it letter by letter.

In the following pages I will organize two very effective Max-OT routines that offer the flexibility to those that need it. Remember however, the overload and intensity parameters, the backbone of Max-OT, still apply.

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