The main purpose in this week’s lesson is to show the importance of exercise efficiency on building muscle. The more efficient you make your training the quicker and more effectively you’ll gain muscle. I detailed the most effective exercises for chest and biceps. I also showed you which exercises were not efficient and why. In the coming weeks I will detail the most effective exercises for the rest of the muscle groups and tell you which exercises are not efficient.

Review the list of exercises not to do. How many of these have you done? If you’re following Max-OT then you’re not doing them now and that’s good. You’re no longer wasting time, you’re building muscle.

Understanding Max-OT Efficiency can save you many hours of non-effective training

Utilizing Max-OT Efficiency can dramatically accelerate muscular gains in much less time. It makes no sense to do the exercises that don’t have the greatest impact on muscle growth. What is the purpose?

If an exercise does not maximize muscle overload then chances are it falls into the inefficient category. Understanding the very fact that overload builds muscle is key to structuring Max-OT routines that utilize the exercises that produce the greatest overload. Anything less is a compromise in muscle growth.

See you next Saturday,

Paul Delia

AST Sports Science


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