Welcome Back

Well you’ve made it through the first week. That’s an excellent sign. There is much more to come. As the weeks progress we are going to get deep into the nitty-gritty and formulate a master Max-OT plan of attack that you will be able to implement from here forward and build muscle fast.

The first lesson produced a lot of feedback from everyone. This is good. I want everyone to get very involved and learn as much as possible. It’s important to understand that this is a 12 week course and many of your immediate questions will get answered as things progress.

I am also setting up a Max-OT Question and Answer Page that will answer all relevant questions that I am getting concerning Max-OT. This way everyone is able to view the different questions everyone is submitting and the answers to them. This will be much more efficient and will undoubtedly answer questions that many will have but just not think to ask. This Q&A page will expand as the weeks go by and I’m sure you’ll find it very helpful.

This week I am going to explain the importance of warming up properly – the Max-OT way – and also talk about one of the most often used training mistakes – the burnout set.

Now we are not just talking about warming up so you won’t injure yourself. That is only part of it. Just about every training program I have ever seen is wrong. And one of the main areas that these programs fail is the improper approach to warming up. I’m going to show you a way to warm-up that will make you stronger the very first day you implement it.


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