Max-OT Exercises – Part 4

The weeks are blazing by. Is it just me or do the days feel only 12 hours long to you too? Where does time go? When building muscle time is an important consideration. It’s an important factor in the physiological activities that occur as a result of training. Time is required to workout. Time is key in the rest between sets. Time between workouts is a fundamental requirement for recuperation and growth. And time is something we don’t have much of.

This brings me to an important subject that has yet to be properly addressed and explained – the detriments of missing workouts.

How many times have you missed a workout and “made it up” later in the week? Everything is fine right? You made up the workout. No harm done. Wrong! You didn’t “make up” the workout. What you did was missed the workout. You missed the opportunity to ignite muscle growth. And then you screwed up your entire rhythm and recovery process by throwing the workout in where it wasn’t scheduled.

There is no such thing as making up a missed workout

Why? Time. Time has passed and you can’t get it back. When you miss a workout and make it up three days later you have lost 3 days of recovery and growth that you will never get back. Those three days of growth opportunity are gone forever and you’ll never have them again.

So if you think you can just “make up” a missed workout, forget it. It can’t be done. Time is both your friend and your enemy. Time management is an essential element in Max-OT for maximizing muscle growth. Structured properly and Max-OT will squeeze all the recovery and growth potential out of every minute of the day. Mismanaged or disrupted and time is muscle growth’s worst enemy.

Max-OT Tip:
Never miss a scheduled workout and don’t kid yourself into thinking you can make it up later. A missed workout can never, ever be made up. Miss workouts and you’ll never reach you maximum physical potential.

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