…continued – Deltoids

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This is similar in execution to the military press, but dumbbells are used instead. Primary muscles involved are the deltoids. Secondary muscles used are the triceps, traps, forearms, and a little bit of upper chest.


These can also be performed seated or standing. With the dumbbells at shoulder level, drive upward with explosive force. Lower the weight twice as slowly as you raise it.

Dumbbells allow flexibility in wrist movement and increased range of motion. To take advantage of this extra flexibility at the bottom of the movement, the start, your palms should be facing inward. As you press the dumbbells up rotate your palms forward. On the way down rotate your palms inward to starting position. This allows for greater range of motion at the bottom of the movement.

As with military press, do not lock out your triceps at the top of the movement. Keep the tension fully on the deltoids.

Max-OT Tip:
Notice how I’m always advocating explosive movements at the start of the exercises. This explosiveness is key to maximizing overload and there is some speculation that this explosive movement can create a hyperplacia effect in muscle cells effectively increasing muscle cell count.

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