To make significant and continual gains in muscle size and strength you need to be consistent. Missing workouts will only delay or retard your progress. Max-OT is designed in such a way that it creates a training atmosphere that encourages commitment. So not only is Max-OT the most effective way to build muscle, but its structure acts to feed the desire to train.

Training with high intensity and low volume makes your workouts short and very effective so you train less and make more gains. There’s no excuse to miss a workout with Max-OT. If you can spare 40 minutes a day 5 days a week, you can then be on your way to making maximum gains in muscle size and strength. More gains than any other training method.

Remember the definition of Max-OT Efficiency – the ratio of muscular overload achieved to the time and energy applied to achieve this overload.

Max-OT is maximum overload in minimum time. Now this definition is referring to the actual workout, but the same philosophy applies to the long-term mechanics of Max-OT. Look at your long-term Max-OT schedule in the same manner you do each Max-OT workout. Efficiency is one of the most important components of Max-OT both short-term and long-term.

Don’t Talk Yourself Into Missing a Workout

Over the years I’ve found that in most cases missed workouts are self-created. You have to create a mental approach to training that ignites motivation. Eliminate negativity. Eliminate justification for what you know is unjustifiable.

Ask yourself, the last time you missed a workout, “Did I really need to miss that workout?”. Look, when you miss a workout there is only one person that suffers the consequences – you.

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