Max-OT Nutrition Basics Part 2: Supplementation

Welcome to week 5. By now you should be getting a good feel for Max-OT and just how effective it is. Isn’t it nice to train less and gain more? Well in the second part of this week’s lesson I will detail a Max-OT workout that is shorter, and by applying the right intensity you can realize even more gains.

The more I hone and refine Max-OT the more I find that the greater mental and physical intensity you can generate while training, the less you need to train. Training with the right intensity levels can easily generate maximum growth promoting overload with just 4 to 6 sets per muscle group.

With high intensity, sharp mental focus, and
maximum overload, less equals more!

If you haven’t guessed it yet, intensity is the main underlying factor that will determine the extent of the results you get from training. Intensity is something that can’t really be spelled out or defined specifically. It’s not something you can learn from just reading. I cannot lay it out in a regimented form like I can a workout. Intensity must be earned as much as learned.

Throughout this course I will give you intensity tips and hints to help you increase the levels you train with. It’s different for everyone. But one thing is for sure, you can always train harder, concentrate more, and increase your intensity. And this is something you must strive for with each and every workout to keep the gains coming. Always strive to make your next workout better, heavier, and more intense than your last.

To start things off this week I’m going to talk about the most hype-filled and fraud laden area in all of bodybuilding – supplements. Now as you’re well aware, AST Sports Science is a supplement company. We have been in business since 1987. I am very proud of the fact that we have introduced some significant innovations to the sports nutrition world. But I must admit, when I look through the magazines and see the blatant lies used to promote supplements these days, it makes me sick.

Over the years I have seen it all. I’ve seen companies come and go. I’ve seen the fall of each and every magazine from a source of training and nutrition information into blatant monthly promotional catalogs. This industry has sold out and it has done this at your expense.

Will I be a little biased? No I will not. I have no reason to be. Will I recommend another company’s supplements? Probably not. Why? Because I have seen way too much fraud in this industry to blindly recommend another company’s products that I have no clue as to the quality of the ingredients or the procedures used to produce it. That would be doing you a disservice.

And for that matter, why would I? AST Sports Science has spent millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours researching sports nutrition, supplementation, training, and even supplement timing. You benefit from our obsession with the science of muscle growth and performance.

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