Piecing Together The Supplement Puzzle

Let me first start off here by telling you that you do not need supplements to get results. However, there is no doubt and science clearly demonstrates that proper supplementation will definitely accelerate your muscular gains.

Why take supplements?

It’s pretty obvious why we take supplements. We want to get the benefits these supplements provide to help us increase strength, increase muscle size, decrease fat, increase endurance, and increase our overall physical performance. Many supplements make this possible and many supplements don’t. I am going to go over the major supplement categories and give you my opinion on which supplements are worth a try or not.

One thing supplements certainly provide is a convenience factor unachievable by any other means. With the right supplementation you are able to get physiologically significant nutrient amounts that will impart a performance advantage over food intake no matter how great the quantity of your food consumption. Supplementation makes the impossible or impractical possible in this respect.

What works and what does not

First off, AST Sports Science can produce any product we want. You name it and we can make it. However, AST Sports Science only develops and markets supplements that work. We do not chase supplement fads no matter how profitable they could be. We leave this to the other companies. Lord knows the confusion element is high enough without us adding to it.

So a careful look at the products we offer will give you a pretty good run down of the supplements that work. And quite frankly, if you don’t see it on our product list then chances are quite strong that it’s not a worthy supplement.

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