Are You Getting What You Pay For?

I hope I have given you a little insight into one ugly side of the supplement industry. There are other ugly sides as well and they hit you just as hard.

Supplement Quality: Do you get what you pay for?

This shouldn’t even be an issue. When you lay down your money for a supplement you should get exactly what you pay for. It’s a shame I have to waste time even writing about this, but it’s a very big problem.

There are so many supplements on the market that do not meet their label claims it’s insidious. In fact, more supplements probably don’t contain what their labels say than supplements that do. This is a real problem. If you knew a supplement didn’t contain what the label said would you buy it?

There are several reasons this problem exists. The sports nutrition market is very competitive. There are a lot of products jockeying for the same dollar. In order to get an edge in the marketplace companies have to lower their prices to get the retail stores or customers to even consider buying them. So how can a company afford to lower their price and still make money to cover overhead and make a profit? You guessed it, they cut corners.

If a company can make a supplement and only put 80% of what the label says in the product they immediately give themselves a 20% margin advantage in which to price their supplements. 20% is a big margin in this business. They can sell their product for 20% less and still make the same profit as a legitimate company that produces true to label, quality products.

Guess what? This happens all the time. It’s common practice among the no name brands and it’s not uncommon in the larger, well known brands either. It’s a cancer in this industry that totally rips off the consumer. This tells me two things about the companies that do this, they don’t give a rat’s fat ass about their products or about you.

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