How can you spot if you are being ripped off?

This is the bad part. Aside from actually testing the supplement you really can’t tell. Unless the actual supplement is tested by a certified laboratory you’re just going to have to trust your supplier and the manufacturer.

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This problem is primarily manifested out of greed and total disregard for the consumer. I remember a few years ago we tested some whey protein from two different companies – Sci-Fit and American Sports Nutrition. The results: These were two of the worst protein supplements we have ever tested. They each came up below 50% of what their label claimed. The labels said 25 grams of protein per serving and they actually tested out to contain less than 13 grams per serving.


Can you believe that? You’re buying a protein supplement and you think you’re getting 25 grams per serving, but really getting somewhere around 12 grams! Friends, as a consumer this is what you are up against.


Here’s an even more pathetic problem. I remember after testing these two particular protein powders we contacted the stores that were selling them to let them know how they tested. And guess what? This really blew me away. They didn’t care! The store owners did not care! Can you believe that? Because they were making such great margins on these products (Of course they were, they contained less than half what should have been in there.) they could care less what the tests revealed. Even when they were showed the tests they still did not care. This attitude makes it even tougher on the customer.

If the store where you buy your supplements doesn’t care what the quality of the supplements are they sell you, then you are in real trouble

And to make matters worse, these types of stores push these products because they are making larger margins. They are selling it to you cheaper and still putting more money in their pocket. You leave the store thinking you’ve just got a great deal when what you really got was stuck right in the ass.


Building muscle is tough enough, but combine that with the fraud perpetrated by the magazine/supplement company connections and the poor quality and mislabeled supplements the uncaring companies and store owners are selling and it’s a depressing situation.

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