• Muscular Development Muscular Development is Twinlab’s mouthpiece. This magazine is not near as bad as Ironman and MuscleMag, but nevertheless, the nutrition articles are in there to help sell TwinLab supplements. It’s also used extensively to bash other products that TwinLab does not sell. Like Androstenedione.
  • Muscle & Fitness and Flex Both Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazines are owed by Joe Weider and thus are selling vehicles for Weider supplements, Metaform, MuscleTribe, and numerous other companies owned by Weider.Actually the Weider magazines don’t fall into the same category as MuscleMag and Ironman. Other than plastering photos of Weider products in all the articles, they do not take as blatant an approach as the others. Still you must read the articles with a jaundiced eye.
  • Muscle Media This is the magazine that started the new generation of “advertorial” supplement promoting. Their first supplement was Met-Rx. Muscle Media promoted Met-Rx through articles in issue after issue. It was that promotion that made Met-Rx such a popular product.After a fall out with the owner of Met-Rx, contracts were not renewed. Along came EAS. Muscle Media then became a promotional vehicle for EAS which it remains today.Its promotional approach has toned down considerably in last couple of years, but is still the primary promotional tool for EAS supplements.
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