As you can see, every magazine is tied to a supplement company. Your chance of getting objective, non biased information about supplements doesn’t exist through today’s magazines. What you are getting is information designed to sway your opinion in favor of the magazines underlying supplement. That’s what it’s all about. They might try to make it look different, but the bottom line is today’s bodybuilding magazines are primarily designed to sell the supplements that the magazines are financially connected to.

Kind of sneaky don’t you think? You’re under the impression you’re reading an informative article on a new supplement when what you are really reading is an ad that is made to look like an article. How can you possibly expect to get the “real” truth when what you are getting is an ad?

How can this be legal? Well, truth be known, it’s not. The FTC is looking into this facade and by all means should be. There is no doubt heads will roll.

So what about High-Performance Muscle, AST Sports Science’s magazine? High-Performance Muscle is a magazine we put out to provide extensive information on training, nutrition, and supplementation. It’s owned by AST Sports Science and is designed to help educate the consumer about AST Sports Science Supplements. The big difference here is that there is no hiding this fact. We don’t disguise articles and sneak our products in there to subliminally create a sale. When you read High-Performance Muscle you know it’s from AST.

This is the big difference here. High-Performance Muscle is a guide to getting the most out of the supplements we develop. It tells you so much more than we can tell you in an ad or a brochure. Our magazine is designed to give you information you can use to get results.

The same holds true for our ever-expanding web site. I challenge you to find a more informative web site anywhere. I work long hours to bring you the type of information you can put to use to make a difference in your training.

So many people are misinformed by the magazines out there and it’s very unfortunate. How does it feel to know that most of the information that you read in the magazines is wrong, misleading, or completely inaccurate? It’s a crime. And they’re stealing money from you at the same time.

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