Magazines and Their Degradation of This Industry

It’s no wonder there is so much confusion about supplements these days. Each month there are no less than half a dozen bodybuilding magazines, each with their own agenda and own line of supplements, feeding you a load of crap about the latest supplement that they sell.

This does nothing but breed confusion. And you know what? Each month if you buy these magazines you’re paying them to lie to you. And let me tell you something, I am not just taking about some slight exaggerations here, I am talking total lies about their supplements and their effects.

Here is a list of the magazines and their underlying supplement companies.

  • MuscleMag International and Oxygen This is the worst example of self promoting I have ever seen. MuscleMag is controlled by MuscleTech. Anytime you see an article in MuscleMag about a supplement it is a MuscleTech product. How people can buy into this magazine and its monthly editorial content directed solely at selling MuscleTech supplements is beyond me. It’s so obvious you would actually have to be brain dead not to realize it.Don’t be fooled in the slightest by what looks like articles in this magazine. They are not articles at all. They are “advertorials”. They are strictly ads written to look like articles in order to give them an appearance of legitimacy.Oxygen is the female oriented counterpart. Same thing just aimed at women.
  • IronMan Magazine Ironman was the last magazine to fall. And fall hard it did. Now each month that Ironman comes out you get a monthly thrashing of MuscleLink ads disguised as articles. Ironman runs a very close second to MuscleMag in their deceptive promotional practices. Any Ironman article about nutrition or supplementation is nothing more than and ad designed to induce you to buy their products.
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