What can you do to insure you

Unless you have access to a lab that can test the supplements you buy, you really have nothing but total faith in the supplement company you deal with to go on. That’s it. You have to trust your source. And let me tell you, there are only a few that can be trusted. This is a sad fact.

Over the last 15 years I have seen the supplement industry do a full circle. You see, AST was formed in 1987 because, at the time, the supplement industry had few, if any, quality supplements. There was egg protein, liver tablets, amino acids, smilax, boron, and a host of other products that did little if anything for muscle growth. At about the same time there were a few supplement companies starting to pull the “sell the label – not the product” game.

This is when I first started to test a few supplements that looked “too good to be true”. Sure enough, labels were way off. Well, I started to publish the test results as well as reveal some of the scams going on in the industry and before long people started to take notice. The bad guys were furious that their cover had been blown.

Through all this what we found was that not only were the products on the market baseless from a research standpoint (they didn’t work), but they also were testing out way short of what their labels said they should. If you’re paying for a product that doesn’t work at least you should get 100% of what doesn’t work.

As all this data was piling up, AST’s mission became very clear. AST would be a research based company that produce products that had a physiological effect to enhance performance.

AST would make sure all products were produced to the highest standards for 100% potency and purity

Believe it or not this was a novel concept in the industry – and still is.

Over the next few years, as we revealed the underhanded tactics most supplement companies were using to push their products, things started to get better. Some companies slowly started to clean up their act. We were making progress. It felt good to see things heading in the right direction in the industry.

As things improved athletes started getting results with the new products they were using and the supplement industry really started to grow. If something works word will spread. As the years went by new supplements started emerging that produced substantial physiological benefits. Then things slowly started to deteriorate.

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