Max-OT Exercises – Part 2

The biggest reaction I seem to get from people is somewhat of an awe as to how effective Max-OT is. This awe is usually coupled with a frustration or regret that they have been training for so long and getting little results by not using Max-OT.

Well, don’t waste energy on frustration. You can’t change the past, but you can mold your future. You are now learning the tools, the training methods that will be with you forever. Now there is never a reason to waste a workout from here forward. Your goal from now on is to make every rep a muscle-building rep.

Building muscle isn’t complicated. It’s not easy, but it’s not complicated. There are basic principles involved and your goal is to structure your training parameters to allow you to maximize the effects from these basic principles. Any time and effort spent doing exercises in a manner that does not maximize these effects is time wasted and its a distraction from your ultimate goal of building muscle and strength.

Max-OT Tip:
One very important thing you must realize is that a botched or missed workout can never be made up. How many times have you took an unscheduled day off and “made it up” your next workout? Who are you kidding? When you miss a workout that’s it. It can never be made up.

You are now a workout less in your quest for meeting your goal of building muscle. The same holds true for a workout that is not performed correctly – non Max-OT. That day, that workout, is gone. Sure you can train that muscle group the next day or week or whatever, but the fact remains that the time can never be replaced. A day of time has moved forward with no muscle fiber overload and no growth.

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