…continued – Upper Back – Lats

As you begin the pull-up look at the ceiling. Pull yourself up with force and touch or try to touch the top of your chest to the bar. Descend slowly about half the speed you went on the way up. At the bottom of the movement stretch your lats briefly (1 second) and repeat. On the last rep, stretch your lats for about 3 seconds.

Max-OT Tip:
As you get stronger, and you will, you can consider adding weight with a special weight belt designed to hang weights off it. This will allow you increase the overload and stay within the 6 rep range. Weighted pull-ups can be a little tricky and awkward. Make sure you get familiar with them before you really start piling on the weight.

Pull Downs – In Front


These are also called Lat Pull Downs. This is basically a pull-up performed on a machine that lets you easily adjust the resistance (amount of weight) used. Primary muscles involved are the lats. Secondary muscles used are the biceps, forearms, shoulders, and a little bit of chest.


A pull down machine is standard equipment in virtually every gym. As with all machines some are better than others. Most machines force you into a seated position that locks or holds you down in place. This allows you to use a weight heavier than your body weight and remain in a secure position.

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