…continued – Back and Triceps

A weak lower back will affect and limit almost every exercise you do. This is why it’s of the utmost importance to develop a strong lower back. The last thing you want is an injury due to a weak lower back, and you certainly don’t want to be limited in the amount of weight you use in other exercises because your lower back is not strong enough to support it.

So you need to attack your lower back with the same intensity and same determination as you do any other muscle group. This is important and vital for overall gains in muscle mass in virtually every muscle group as well as longevity and avoidance of injuries that will do nothing but stall or reverse your progress.

As you have noticed, Max-OT is not just about building muscle size. It’s about building a physically strong physique and developing a confident attitude toward your training. It’s about staying injury free so you can train each muscle group the way it needs to be trained to promote the maximum growth response.


Your triceps are a surprisingly powerful muscle group. They assist or control all arm extension movements. Any exercise that is a pushing movement with the arms involves the triceps.

For most people triceps development comes somewhat easily in comparison to many other muscle groups. Ever notice how it’s so much easier to create soreness in your triceps than your biceps? Even so, direct tricep stimulation and overload is critical for maximum muscle growth. Keep in mind however, that in comparison the triceps are a relatively small muscle group. And add to this the fact that they are used in many upper body exercises and it becomes very easy to over-train this muscle group.

Now let’s move to the exercises most suited for producing maximum muscle growth and the exercises you don’t want to waste your time with.

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