That wraps up Week 7. I covered the most effective upper back, lower back, and triceps exercises. I told you how to do them the Max-OT way to get the most muscle growth response in the least amount of time. That’s what it’s all about. The more you can extract from each and every rep the greater your results will be.

Max-OT does a lot of exercises – a little different. Max-OT certainly does not follow the usual cookie cutter mold you see in all the differently worded, but essentially the same training books that are for sale out there. Max-OT is not a rehash of old training ideas. Max-OT is a completely new approach.

It’s not so much that Max-OT is a total innovation, rather a rethinking of the concept of building muscle. You see, the problem in strength training and bodybuilding is that the innovative thinking has become stagnated. As this stagnation propagated over the years it has bred an era of “perpetuated stagnation” and general acceptance of the status quo.

Max-OT takes another path, a more logical path based on the fundamental physiology of muscle growth. By understanding the essence of what causes (forces) a muscle to grow, Max-OT structures a defined plan of attack to efficiently ignite muscle growth workout after workout.

In the next couple of weeks I will include photos of the correct way to perform the Max-OT exercises to go along with the descriptions. Also, this was planned for last week, but time constraints did me in – the Max-OT Q&A will get an extensive update this week so keep the questions coming.

One last thing, I know a lot of you are printing out this program as you go through it each week. And that’s a good idea. We will eventually publish it in PDF format as well as in book form. Both will be offered for sale at a “to be determined” price this year. It will be close to 250 pages of the best training information in the world.
See you next Saturday,

Paul Delia

AST Sports Science

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