Max-OT Exercises – Which Ones and Why – Triceps

Triceps Press

Some people call these “Skull Crushers”, but I’ve never liked that name. This is without a doubt the most effective mass building triceps movement when done correctly – the Max-OT way. Primary muscles involved are the triceps. Secondary muscles are the shoulders, traps, chest, back, and forearms. s


Most people do this exercise wrong. Most trainers, books, and magazines teach this exercise wrong. Let’s clear things up and show you how to really pack on some muscle by doing Triceps¬†Extensions the Max-OT way.

Start off by lying on a flat bench. Now the difference here is that you want to hang your head over the end of the bench. I like to lock the heels of my feet on the other end of the bench for stability. Either have your training partner hand you the bar (I highly suggest using a curl bar as it reduces the stress to your wrists) or grab it from the floor and pull it over your head. With the bar extending over your chest lower the bar down and back by bending your elbows. Let the bar go behind your head. From this position you power the weight up with your triceps to the original starting position above your chest with your arms extended.

The key to doing Triceps Extensions the Max-OT way is the stretch involved by going behind your head with the bar. And, most importantly, performing Triceps Extensions this way allows you to handle significantly heavier weights while reducing the stress to your elbows.

Cable Press Downs

Here is another awesome triceps exercise that when done correctly will produce maximum overload and a great stretch on the triceps muscles. Primary muscles involved are the triceps. Secondary muscles are the shoulders, traps, chest, back, and forearms.


Again, most people do this exercise wrong as well. The key here is to lean into the exercise and allow the bar to break the parallel plane by about 45 degrees at the top of the movement.

Start off by gripping the bar slightly narrower than shoulder width. Press the weight down to your waist and lock your elbows. This is the starting position. Raise the weight while keeping your elbows close to your sides. As you are leaning into the exercise raise the weight up toward your face or forehead. When your forearms have broken the parallel plane by about 45 degrees drive the weight down to the starting position and flex your triceps for about 1 second.

By allowing the weight to travel past parallel you increase the range of motion and increase the stretch. By increasing the range of motion you increase the total muscle fiber recruitment and you reduce the stress on the elbows.

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