This is why you need to make every workout the most effective it can possibly be and this is the very foundation of Max-OT. A muscle grows only if stimulated with overload. A muscle responds to a degree related directly to the overload applied. The greater the overload the greater the growth response.

Max-OT Tip:
There is no such thing as a light workout with Max-OT. How many times have you gone to the gym for a light workout? Why did you do that? If your goal is to build muscle you completely wasted your time. If a workout is not designed to build muscle why would you even waste your time doing it? And I ask you again – who are you kidding? The reason I ask this is that so many people have a way of justifying why they do certain things when they know good and well they are wrong. Doing this only impedes your progress and no one else’s.


Building muscle is a combination of training (overload), intensity, mental focus, recuperation, nutrition, and time. Time is the key element that most never consider in the broad scope of things. In one month you’ll train each muscle group 4 times. You’ll also have approximately 26 days of total recovery time for each muscle group evenly spaced for maximum recuperation. If you miss a workout you reduce muscle fiber stimulation by 25%. If you “make up” a workout (which 9 out of 10 times never happens) you impede recuperation by 20%, thus reducing muscle growth by a theoretical 20 percent.

Can you see now why training correctly during each and every workout is so important? Time is not on your side, but you can maximize the use of your time so you don’t create a “time trap”. Time is the critical factor and it’s important to realize that any time you train in a manner that does not use maximum overload, that does not induce maxim muscle growth, or you skip a workout, you are in essence taking two steps backwards from reaching your goal. A missed workout can never be made up. A workout short of maximum overload can never be made up.

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