Lower Back


The key to strong and muscular lower back and powerful overall physique. The Deadlift is a serious exercise that produces serious results. Deadlifts not only develop a strong lower back, like squats, they build the entire body. Primary muscles involved are the lower back muscles. Secondary muscles used are the biceps, forearms, shoulders, traps, upper back quads, and hamstrings.

Developing the proper technique in the Deadlift will result in some mind-boggling weight that can be used. You must learn this proper technique to build strength quickly and avoid injury.


The Deadlift is an exercise where you lift the weight from the floor to your mid thighs. With the bar on the ground, stand with your feet about a hand narrower than shoulder width. Grip the bar about shoulder width with one hand in and one hand out. Keep the bar close to your shins and get into a squat position. With your head up and back straight drive with your legs as you lift the bar. About 2/3’s the way through the movement you’ll be using all lower back. Lock out your back by standing in an upright position.

Do not “round” your lower back. Drive with your legs from the bottom while keeping your lower back straight. this is important to prevent injury. You don’t want to us a sloppy technique in the Deadlift.

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