Back and Triceps

The purpose of this program is to show you the best and most effective way to weight train to add muscle mass and strength. It’s designed to give you the knowledge and create a better understanding of how to train so that you will ignite results every time you’re in the gym.

I can share the knowledge with you. I can give you the whys, whens, and hows, but I can’t force the discipline. I can’t make you train this way. You have to believe in this approach enough to let it work. The great thing about it is results come quick. And when you start seeing dramatic results far greater than what you are used to, it then begins to feed on itself. You begin to derive energy and intensity from the results. This is when things really start to happen. You “zone in”. You can literally “feel” muscle growth with each rep.

Back and Triceps

Through the rest of this lesson I am going to detail the proper exercises for training back and triceps. I will show you what exercises work with the most efficiency and how to do these exercises the Max-OT way so you will extract the most muscle growth effects from them.

I will also show you which exercises to avoid and why. There’s no reason to do an exercise unless it’s the most effective exercise. Why settle for second best? It should not be in your vocabulary and I’m going to make sure that it is not.

Back: Upper and lower

The back muscles are broadly grouped into latissimus dorsi – lats (upper back) and lower back. Some put the traps in this category as well. When properly developed, the lats are one of the most impressive muscle groups. They give you the very prominent “V” shape.

The upper back also consists of three other somewhat minor muscles that are located over the shoulder blade. These are the teres major and minor, the infraspinatus, and the rhomboideus major. These muscles are significantly stimulated during all lat movements. And lastly you have the serratus anterior muscles that are visible from the front right below the arm pit.

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