My advice to you would be to not buy these magazines. In fact, this is one of the best pieces of advice in this entire program. That’s how strongly I feel about this. You need to rely on a source of information you can trust.

If a magazine is disguising the fact that they own or that they are financially tied to a supplement company, then how can you possibly hold any credibility in what the magazine says? In my opinion you can’t.

Here’s a little challenge for you. Go to the store and look at a MuscleMag magazine. Count the number of pages of MuscleTech ads in there. Then go to the beginning of the magazine and turn page by page and count the number of times you see a picture of a MuscleTech product in the pages that are not ads. Next, scan (don’t lower yourself to reading) each article and count the number of articles written about MuscleTech products.

Now if there was any doubt about the MuscleMag – MuscleTech association this should erase it. You can do the same thing with Ironman and Muscle Link. And all this time you thought there were so many MuscleTech articles in MuscleMag and Muscle Link articles in Ironman because they were good supplements. Not so at all. They are in there because they run the magazines and control what you read.

I believe that if you are aware of the connections between the magazines and supplement companies you’ll be much better equipped to judge the validity and truthfulness of the articles in them. Without this knowledge you are a sitting duck for the con job they are trying to pull.

I am continuously amazed at how many consumers are clueless to the magazine – supplement connections. Our customer service personnel continuously field calls from customers that say, “They read about in a ‘such and such’ magazine.” I answer email after email about supplements people read about in the magazines and they are completely unaware of the relationships.

Knowledge really is power, and in this case knowledge can save you a lot of money. You are spending your hard earned money to try and improve yourself and the last thing you need is to be lied to by the magazines and supplement companies you are spending your money with.

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