What Can You Do?

As the supplement industry has grown it once again has started to attract the bad element. The shysters and crooks have made their way back into the fold. With the enormous growth in fitness and the awareness of the benefits of scientifically proven supplementation, supplement companies have popped up everywhere. All looking for a piece of the pie.

And what do these companies bring to the table? Certainly nothing new. What they typically do is copy the best selling products that the truly innovative companies produce and slap their own label on them. That’s it. No research. No diligent work to improve upon an existing product. They simply copy the theme of the hot selling products, give their company a fancy name that would lead you to believe they’re involved in some sort of actual research, and off they go. Cutting corners, cutting prices, and giving you some low quality, under spec products to cloud your supplement choice.

It’s this bad element in the industry today that certainly casts a cynical shadow over the effectiveness of nutritional supplements.

I am Committed – AST Sports Science is Committed

I am proud to say that since the inception of AST, our commitment to producing the most effective, highest quality, scientifically supported performance nutrition has not wavered. AST Sports Science is even more committed than ever to continue our innovation and research into advancing the science of sports nutrition.

It is my commitment to you, myself, my employees, distributors, and the industry to be a leader in the field. To bring respectability to the industry and to continue to expose the fraud.

I must say that this does not make me the most popular person inside the industry, but I could care less. My job is not to win the admiration of the scum of the industry. My job is to bring you, my customers, the best supplements, the latest research, and a continued flow of information that you can use to enhance your mental and physical performance. That’s what drives me each and every day.

With AST Sports Science you are guaranteed the absolute best money can buy. You have my personal guarantee.

Okay, enough with the bad and ugly and on with some information you can use to help you succeed.

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