• Protein – VP2 Whey IsolateProtein is the major nutrient responsible for muscle growth and repair. In fact, it’s the most import macro-nutrient for supporting muscle growth. Careful attention should be paid to not only the quantity of your protein intake but the quality as well.When taking a protein for its nitrogen supplying capabilities whey protein is miles ahead of any other type. As I have said before the quality of the whey protein you take will make all the difference in the world. The higher the quality, the better your results. It’s as simple as that.And it doesn’t stop with quality either. Research has shown that tayloring certain micro-fractions from whey isolate and hydrolyzing these fractions into an oligopeptied format yields stunning advances in lean muscle growth.

    VP2 Whey Isolate is the result of over 10 years of research and published clinical studies. This research has resulted in the most effective muscle-building protein made. In fact, our award winning research has shown VP2 Whey Isolateto be over 615% more effective for building muscle than other proteins.

    I highly recommend taking VP2 Whey Isolate. This is the highest quality, most extensively researched and most effective protein supplement available. If you want the very best then this is your only choice.

  • Weight Gainers Weight gainers were popular years ago mainly because of the name itself mainly because the allowed you to consume high calories in a concentrated shake. A closer look at these weight gainers showed the ugly truth. They consisted of empty calories that did little more than make you fat. Most of the calories came from cheap maltodextrin seaved by cup sized scoops of powder.Muscle-XGF changed all that. By integrating a potent 8-stage protein complex in a formula low in empty carbohydrates and integrating a performance lipid profile, Muscle-XGF delivers a formula designed to increase lean muscle muscle without adding extra body-fat. Muscle-XGF is a lean mass gainer.
  • Amino Acids These used to be popular the same time the weight gainers were. Multi-spectrum amino acids (amino acid tablets with many different amino acids in them) are nothing more than crude protein powder compressed into tablets. So it’s like taking protein in tablet form.There are some free form amino acid supplements, but the science here doesn’t cut it. In fact, there was no science showing that supplementing with them provided any benefit in athletic performance.Multi-spectrum free form amino acids may pose an absorption problem due to the varying molecular weights of the individual amino acids. This can cause different absorption rates and characteristics among the different individual amino acids.

    I don’t recommend taking multi-spectrum amino acid supplements. Singular amino acids, like GL3 L-Glutamine, are a different story especially when taken in doses that impart a definite physiological effect.

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