These are the most effective shoulder and trap movements for building size and strength as quickly as possible. Nothing fancy, just straight forward, high intensity overload. Forget the machines. Heavy and intense barbell and dumbbell movements are what deliver maximum overload for wide and strong shoulders.

Assess your current time management habits

Are you missing workouts? If you are, reevaluate why you are training. What are you looking to accomplish? Remember, you are the only one who suffers as a result of you missing a workout. Building muscle and strength is as individual of an activity as they come. You’re the only one who reaps the benefits of weight training and the only who suffers the consequences as a result of straying from the path of sure results.

Max-OT is not only the most effective training method it is also the least complicated and easiest to structure

The fundamentals of Max-OT training encourage greater commitment and less vacillation. Results are fast and steady. This tends to feed the motivation to train.

Nothing is worse than busting your ass in the gym month in and month out with no results. Max-OT delivers results month in and month out. If you apply the Max-OT training principles you will gain muscle size and strength faster than any other training approach. If you stray from the principles you slow your progress and reduce your results as time steadily passes you by. Time waits for no one.

Remember, time is not on your side. You should maximize each and every workout. Train with maximum overload and maximum intensity, never miss a scheduled workout, and maximize your nutrition and supplementation.

Follow the Max-OT training and nutrition approach and you’ll maximize your results.

Train hard and heavy and I’ll see you next Saturday.

Paul Delia

AST Sports Science

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