Max-OT Exercises: Which Ones and Why

There are literally thousands of different exercises that you can do in the gym. Thousands! But in reality, only a select few are responsible for the majority of the muscle gains you achieve. Knowing this, doesn’t it only makes sense to dedicate your time and effort to the exercises that produce the greatest results and avoid the ones that don’t? By learning the exercises that are the most productive you’ll now have no excuse for doing the ones that are not.

Max-OT Efficiency

The definition of Max-OT Efficiency is: the ratio of muscular overload achieved to the time and energy applied to achieve this overload.Efficiency is the name of the game.

The idea of Max-OT is to achieve maximum overload in minimal time

Which is more efficient, achieving maximum muscle fiber stimulation and overload in 10 minutes or achieving this in 20 minutes? 10 minutes of course.

There are certain exercises that induce muscle overload much more efficiently than others. And since you’ve made it this far in the course I’m sure you can pretty much guess which ones they are. You see, the Max-OT routines are not just a collection of my favorite exercises. They are structured programs designed to maximize muscle overload and muscle fiber stimulation as effectively as possible in the least amount of time.


There are many exercises that are done religiously throughout gyms around the world that are basically a complete waste of time. At most they provide minimal efficient overload and certainly don’t come close to approaching Max-OT Efficiency. In fact, the list of “don’t do” exercises is much longer than the Max-OT approved list of exercises.

Why take the long road when you can take the short road? Max-OT is a heavy and intense training method, but this is what builds maximum muscle size and strength. Light weight doesn’t do it. Moderate weight does not do it. Overload is the only method that will force a muscle to grow. The degree of this overload ultimately determines the degree of muscle growth.

Though light and moderate weights are overload stimuli they are not “sufficient” overload to signal significant growth responses. Max-OT uses maximum overload, low rep, short duration training parameters that provide maximum muscle fiber stimulation. And it provides this “maximum” stimulation in much less time.

By doing the “right” exercises and avoiding the “wrong” ones you can build more muscle mass and strength in less time.

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