Max-OT Exercises: Which Ones and Why

Max-OT does not incorporate an exercise just to incorporate an exercise. The exercises used in Max-OT are the most efficient and effective movements you can do. Max-OT does not change or alternate an exercise just for the sake of change. Max-OT incorporates the most effective and efficient exercises that produce the greatest amount of muscle overload.

Max-OT Efficiency: the ratio of muscular overload achieved to the time and energy applied to achieve this overload.

This is essential in the effectiveness of Max-OT. This is the basis of Max-OT and why it produces such incredible muscle growth in such short periods of time. Every exercise that Max-OT incorporates stimulates maximum muscle overload. If it doesn’t then it’s not in the Max-OT arsenal of exercises.

I the preceding pages I showed you which exercises to do and which ones to avoid. Again, the reason Max-OT uses certain exercises and not others is all about Max-OT Efficiency. If an exercise does not produce maximum overload in minimum time it unnecessarily expends energy without maximizing results. This is against Max-OT principles and we eliminate these exercises from our Max-OT exercise list.

Why would anyone do an exercise if they knew it didn’t produce maximum results? Now you know which chest and bicep exercises produce maximum overload and you can begin to tailor your training on your own by utilizing what works. You know why they work and that’s a big part of the puzzle. Training with knowledge and understanding will generate results much faster than a “roll the dice” approach. Not only is my goal to show you how to train and grow Max-OT style, but also to give you the knowledge and understanding to train with certainty so you’ll not only know what to do, you’ll know why you are doing it.

In the next few pages I’m going to detail some variations of Max-OT that will involve different time schedules. This will involve training more than 1 major muscle group per day, but it will keep intact the basic Max-OT training principles.

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