Nothing looks more silly than a person with a well-developed physique, but small, skinny calves. As silly as this looks it is still very common. In fact, you rarely see outstanding calf development on most weight trainers. More often you see calves that look like they were trained as an afterthought.

This lack of calf development is completely unnecessary and with a small amount of planning and the proper training program, outstanding calf development can be enjoyed by anyone willing to put forth the effort and intensity.

It’s not difficult and mainly lies in your mental approach and prioritizing your lower leg training. As you progress in this week’s lesson I am going to give you the tools and the road map to developing calf muscles that will command attention. With a little mental reinforcement you’ll be training calves with maximum intensity and realizing maximum growth and development.

Before I go into the exercises I want to emphasize some points about calf training and training in general. Why do you rarely see outstanding calf development? Let’s see.

I always hear people whine about how difficult it is to build size in their calves, but I rarely see these whiners train their calves regularly

And when they do the intensity they train them with is pathetic: hardly what is required to ignite growth. Herein lies the problem.

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