This brings me to another fallacy used to back up many training programs and techniques. “Shocking the muscle”. What the hell is this? Every time someone tries to introduce a new training program or justify training techniques that don’t produce maximum overload they spin this justification by saying you are “shocking the muscle”. Can I say it? Bullshit!

What they mean by “shocking the muscle” is introducing an unfamiliar exercise, rep scheme, training routine, or whatever in hopes (“Hope” is all this is based on. Not the science of muscle physiology.) that the change will “shock” the muscle into new growth.

Let me emphasize, the only way to “shock” a muscle into new growth is with greater overload combined with greater intensity. Overload and intensity is what forces a muscle to grow. So if a routine does not maximize the overload to the muscle it will not promote maximum muscle growth.

Okay, that’s my overload reinforcement sermon for this week. Now let’s get on to constructing the tools and a plan for building maximum forearms and abs.


Your forearms are the links between the weight/overload and every upper body muscle group you train. Weak forearms will affect just about every upper body movement and could possibly limit the overload needed for optimum muscle growth. This along with the visual symmetry are why proper forearm training is critical.

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