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Your forearm muscles curl, extend, and rotates your wrists. Your forearm muscles are also primarily used in all gripping activities. Your forearms are used in all upper body exercises to grip the bars and dumbbells and receive a good bit of stimulation as secondary effects of these upper body movements.

Because the stimulation the forearms receive is indirect, full rage of motion during overload resistance is needed for maximum growth and strength development. There are several direct movements that stimulate forearm strength and growth effectively.

Barbell Wrist CurlsWrist Curls

The primary muscles involved are the flexor and extensor muscles of the forearm. Secondary muscles used are the various superficial flexor muscles of the wrist and fingers.


Grip a straight barbell with an underhand grip with your little fingers about 3 inches apart. While sitting on a bench rest your forearms on the bench with your wrists facing up and hanging over the end of the bench. Curl the bar upward explosively with your wrists. Pause briefly at the top with your forearms flexed and then lower the weight all the way to the starting position twice as slowly as you curled it. Repeat for required number of reps.

Max-OT Tip:
If you have access to a shorter straight bar I would recommend using that over a standard Olympic bar. The shorter bar allows for better balance and control allowing you to concentrate more on working the muscle and less on the mechanics of the movement.

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