…continued – Steve

Steve decides that he not only doesn’t want to lose any muscle, but also wants to continue to build muscle as he diets for the contest.

How do you build muscle? Overload. Heavy weight, low reps.

Steve continues to follow the Max-OT training protocol right up to contest time.

Max-OT Tip:
The dumbest thing you can do when preparing for a bodybuilding contest is to lighten up on the weights and increase your reps. For some reason people are under the assumption that this helps you get ripped. This could not be further from the truth.

One of the most important principles in Max-OT training is that any time you wrap your hands around a bar you are doing so to build muscle. You must realize that weight lifting is not an aerobic exercise. Increasing your reps and using lighter weight does not increase fat burning. But it will decrease muscle size and strength.

For muscle preservation, Max-OT principles are even more critical during a calorie restricted phase. To build muscle and lose fat you have to train to build muscle and let your diet and cardio burn the fat. There is no way that lifting light weight has any significant fat burning impact.

As Steve continues to train heavy he continues to build muscle and add strength while he loses fat. Makes perfect sense to me.

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