…continued – Steve

Steve cleans up his diet but does not cut out the sodium. In fact, he increases his sodium intake to take advantage of the intracellular fluid retention for nutrient transport, increased strength, and injury prevention.

Max-OT Tip:
Sodium is not the evil monster it has been made out to be. As a bodybuilder, sodium is your friend. A real good friend.

Sodium is a tool you should learn how to use to your benefit. Sodium is critical in many metabolic functions. By eliminating your sodium intake you decrease nutrient transport, decrease muscle cell volume, and decrease the joint fluid retention thereby increasing susceptibility to soft tissue injuries.

Steve knows that the only time he should restrict his sodium is just a few days before the show. In fact, increasing his sodium intake while he is dieting will not only help his training, it will allow the restriction of his sodium a few days before the show to have a more dramatic impact on his appearance the day of the show.

Steve now starts to implement regular cardio exercises into his program, but he does cardio the Max-OT way. This allows him to burn extra calories and in turn, decrease his body fat, while continuing to build muscle.

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