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Max-OT Cardio Intensity

Intensity and cardio volume are the two energy expenditure barometers during aerobic exercise. Research shows that high intensity training for brief periods of time is far more effective at burning fat than long duration low intensity aerobic activity. Also, there are some unique physiological factors that occur only in high-intensity short duration activity that favorably impact muscle recovery.

The higher the intensity of the cardio the greater the fat-loss and the greater the calorie expenditure during the length of exercise. And most importantly, the less of a negative impact it has on muscle breakdown.

Longer duration, lower intensity aerobic exercise tends to impact muscle growth negatively and has less of an effect on fat loss. Though you may burn calories, this type of aerobic exercise derives the majority of the calories burned from lean tissue and less from fat. This is exactly what you don’t want.

To minimize cardio’s negative effects on muscle growth you must schedule your aerobic sessions as distant in time from your weight training as possible.This means DO NOT do both cardio and weight training in the same workout. Don’t do cardio immediately before you weight train and don’t do cardio immediately after you weight train. This is how most people do it and it’s completely wrong and detrimental to optimal muscle growth.

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