Burning Fat As You Build Muscle

I have illustrated this example to get you to think about things. I want to see if you can to relate to this approach to losing fat. Can you? If so, you need to forget everything you think you know about losing fat. You see, there is much more to losing fat than just doing cardio. Cardio is just one single piece to the fat loss puzzle. The idea is to lose fat and not lose muscle. Ideally you want to build muscle while you are losing fat. Max-OT is all about building muscle. Follow the Max-OT program and you can easily build muscle while you lose fat. But like all the misinformation about training and building muscle there is equally if not more misinformation about losing fat.

Now we are going to illustrate a perfect scenario for losing fat and getting ripped the Max-OT way. We will use “Steve” as our example.

Steve’s Fat Loss Approach

Steve has been training for a few years and has packed on quite a bit of muscle. He has trained heavy and intensely – Max-OT style of course and is now ready to enter his first bodybuilding contest.

Right now Steve is not real lean but he’s not holding a lot of fat either. He’s carrying about 12 percent body fat. His goal is to lose body fat and no muscle. It doesn’t matter how low he gets his actually body fat percentage-wise, just so he visually is shredded and has lots of muscle.

Steve also saw what Randy did and learned from watching him that his approach was wrong. Why did Randy lose a bunch of weight and still not get shredded enough? Why did he lose so much muscle? It’s pretty evident that doing exactly opposite of what Randy did, what just about everyone does, would be a much better way to go.

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