Burning Fat

Most people are very confused when it comes to burning fat. They really don’t know how it’s done or how to do it. To get a basic understanding on how to decrease your body fat you need to know how you get fat. It’s very simple and it works like this: If you consume more calories that you burn you are in a “positive energy balance”. When you are in a positive energy balance you will store the extra energy (no matter what source the energy is from) as fat.

There are so many myths surrounding fat gain and fat loss and this market segment is a $33,000,000,000 – yes, 33 billion dollar a year industry. 33 billion dollars are spent each year just in America by people trying to lose fat. And 90 percent of this money spent yields no results, either from product scams or, just as equally, from failure to comply with the fat loss protocol.

As I said earlier, total calories consumed verses total calories burned is what determines whether you gain or lose body fat. As simple as that sounds, that’s as complicated as it gets.

With this basic understanding you now have a foundation of how to lose fat, but there is a problem, more correctly, an obstacle that must be dealt with and overcome. You want to lose fat without sacrificing any muscle. In fact, you want to lose fat while you build muscle. Let me tell you that most people do not know how to do this.

Max-OT and the principles that are involved are designed to allow your body to build muscle and lose fat concurrently

I want to paint a scenario for you and think to yourself if this has happened to you or if you have seen this happen to others. We will use “Randy” as our example.

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